Why Do You Need A Website?

Myth vs. Fact!

Myth # 1: Your business card or flyer has all the information your customers need.

Careful consumers try to make smart decisions, and get all the facts they can before choosing a service. A website can provide all the information they need to make informed choices.

Myth # 2: If they need to contact me, they know where to find me.

Your customers are from all over the city and have all different kinds of schedules. You can't work all the time, and you can't be everywhere at once! But your website can, and it speaks to your customers on your behalf.

Myth # 3: They’ll look me up in the yellow pages.

Busy people don't thumb through phone books anymore, they go to websites to look for your phone number, and shy people, as well as many young people, prefer to send an email rather than call you, so they will look for your website to get that email address. Without a website, these people go to your competitors!

Myth # 4: Web design is too expensive.

Websites for large companies that require complexity can be costly. But a website that matches the requirements of a small business is rarely expensive. We can build a website and allow you to select options that suit your budget and needs.

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